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Tutorial and Classes

As much as we provide the support to you, we also enjoy sharing our expertise.We provide enclose IT training and tutorial to small group of team or individual face-to-face learning.

Office System Management

We provide deep IT office services such as building up small/medium office network and firewall, intranet system, emails and office management application such as Claim or Document Management system.

Web Design

From user perspective to user perspective, we build e-commerce, individual blog, company official site or online system.We use concept of WYSIWYG as our focus to ensure end-user expection meet.

Database Support

Have an idea of a system? Need help on database designing? We support hands on technical services in various database such as Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL.We cover support such as adhoc troubleshooting, database installation/upgrade and high availability design.

Some of our Portfolio

This are some of interactive application from ours

thisisteamit | Realtime SQL Query Performance

Realtime SQL Query Performance

thisisteamit | Realtime Suspended User Account

Realtime Suspended User Account

thisisteamit | Realtime User Connection

Realtime User Connection

thisisteamit | Telekung Sembahyang Murah

Finance Report system

Medical Report system

Document Manager system

DB / Apps Health Monitor

etnik.thisisteamit.com | Malaysian Ethnic System

Malaysian Ethnic System

HR Internal System

Database Transaction Audit

thisisteamit | Infovalley

Infovalley Sdn Bhd

thisisteamit | GadgetIncShop


System and Database Monitoring

ayoasia.com | Online Shopping Shoes


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